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Installation of Non-Slip Solutions

Please follow the instructions of the installation of  Non-Slip Solutions for the best results



FibreGrip Non-Slip Products recommend the area should be dry and free of any loose or defective material. If there are any areas that are damaged, then these should be repaired  so that the surface is flat and even. If using an adhesive the substrate must be clean and dry, and free from any dust or loose particles. Ensure that the area is free from oils and grease. The underside of The Non-Slip products must also be clean and dry.

We recommend using Acetone and a clean cloth to wipe down the substrate as well as the back of the FibreGrip Non-Slip Products to ensure a clean surface on both sides. Prior to applying an adhesive or drilling any holes, it is advisable to do a pre-fit. This will ensure a suitable fit of the Non-Slip Products. If any further trimming, minor adjustments or small cut outs are required, we recommend a hacksaw or a jigsaw fitted with a tungsten carbide blade. Alternatively a hand grinder with a diamond blade can be used.



Demarcate the area with red/white barrier(safety) tape for FibreGrip Non-Slip flat sheets. For FibreGrip Non-Slip stair nosing on stairs installations, use the barrier (safety) tape to block off the top and bottom of the staircase. Layout flat sheet or stair treads upside down.


Drill 6mm holes from the bottom of the FibreGrip Non-Slip Products to minimise drill bit bluntness. Drill fixing holes into the substrate. Vacuum or wipe down substrate to remove loose debris. Apply adhesive in the form of a 6mm bead around the perimeter of the underside of the unit. Apply additional adhesive in a “zig Zag” manner. Turn unit around and place into position. Insert mechanical fixing and walk on unit to disperse adhesive. Rivet, hammer or screw mechanical fixings to complete installation. Can be walked on immediately.


Apply adhesive in the form of a 6mm bead around the perimeter of the underside of the unit. Apply additional adhesive in a “zig Zag” manner. Turn unit around and place into position. Walk on unit to disperse adhesive and again push unit in place. Can only be walked on after 4 hours.



We recommend Sikaflex 11FC adhesive.  This comes in a 310ml tube and a standard caulking gun can be used

Other suppliers of the equivalent adhesive is: Abe, Soudal and Global Sealants.

As an approximate guide, with a 6mm bead 1 x 310ml tube of Sikaflex 11FC or equivalent should be sufficient to bond approximately 8.5  linear metres. This figure is approximate and will vary.


Chequered Plate/Steel: Adhesive and/or pop rivets/Tek screws

Concrete: Adhesive and/or Anchor nails

Timber: Adhesive and/or suitable timber screws

Grated Stairs or Grille: Universal saddle assemble with adhesive




Always test all cleaning methods and detergents in a inconspicuous area for compatibility. The use of a stiff brush will usually be sufficient to remove dirt and foreign matter. For more stubborn issues, use a mild detergent with warm water.


Use a pressure washer on a low pressure setting to clean the FibreGrip Non-Slip Products. Take care if the product has been secured with adhesive only. Repeated use of a pressure washer could cause damage to adhesives and sealants.




Check the security of fixings and adhesive on a regular basis. The integrity of the gritted surface of FibreGrip Non-Slip Products as well as the substrate should also be checked on regular intervals. As a guide low traffic areas should be checked every 3 months. Monthly checkups of high volume areas should be sufficient.


The life expectancy of FibreGrip Non-Slip Products will depend on the correct installation of Non-Slip Solutions, the nature and volume of the traffic it receives. Factors that will influence the life expectancy of FibreGrip Non-Slip Products  includes shoe type, individual’s weight and non pedestrian items.


Safety and Handling

FibreGrip Non-Slip Products recommend that Safe handling practices should always be followed. It is recommended that the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment)be worn. FibreGrip Non-Slip Products should be stored on a flat surface. Care should be taken at all times if electrical cutting equipment such as grinders are used. Make sure that the electrical equipment is in a good state of use and all electrical points have been made safe. If cutting FibreGrip Non-Slip Products during installation, be sure to wear a suitable mask as well as safety glasses and the appropriate gloves.

During the installation of FibreGrip Non-Slip Products it is recommended that Safety glasses and gloves are worn. FibreGrip Non-Slip products should be cut externally or in a well ventilated area. Dust residue can be disposed of using waste disposal methods. No special permissions or licences are required. Clean up the area of all debris and make good before leaving

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