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Q: How do I install FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging?
A: Please see the installation instructions in the Technical page

Q: Can I get me FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging cut to a specific size?
A: Davtec offers a free cutting service so you get exactly the size you need.

Q: How durable is FibreGrip Stair Nosing.Edging?
A: FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging is extremely durable and will give you
years of service. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential  to long

Q: Can FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging be used indoor and outdoor?
A: FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging are a perfect solution indoor and outdoor
and can be used in most environments.

Q: Are FibreGrip Non-Slip Products waterproof?
A: FibreGrip Non-Slip Products are designed and manufactured to withstand
even the most extreme weather conditions and are incredibly  durable.

Q: Are FibreGrip Non-Slip Products corrosion and chemically resistant?
A: FibreGrip GRP products are resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

Q: Are FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products available in different colors?
A: FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products are available in any color.
It is a matter of replacing the pigment color.

Q: Is FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products non-conductive?
A: Non Conductive properties of FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products
make it ideally suited for use in electrically hazardous locations.


The Frequently Asked Questions for FibreGrip Safety Non-Slip Solutions are designed in order to assist the customer, as well as ourselves to convey as much information as possible between us to make the selection process easier. This will make sure that the customer gets the correct product for the correct application, saving time and money

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