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FibreGrip Non-Slip Products  was founded by Davtec in 1997 as an industrial supplies company. Servicing the mining and industrial markets in Gauteng, South Africa. In 2001 we moved down to Cape Town. Soon after, we started manufacturing FibreGrip Non-Slip Products. The high number of injuries and deaths was the driving force behind the development of FibreGrip Anti-Slip products.

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FibreGrip Non-Slip Products was designed and developed by Don Vos, owner of Davtec. Originally the FibreGrip Anti-Slip products consisted from non-slip FibreGrip stair nosing, stair treads and flat sheets and strips. This is still manufactured by Davtec with the option of a fine and a rough grit. The FibreGrip, fibreglass units are available in standard black. However it can be manufactured in any color by changing the pigment to a selected color. Click here to Read More


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FibreGrip Non-Slip products are designed to transform the unsafe areas on steps and floors into a safe non-slip and high contrast area under all conditions. FibreGrip non-slip products can be installed using basic fastening systems. All aspects of the product are manufactured in a monolithic structure, that will not de-laminate, as in the case of paint coated steel base systems due to thermal movement.


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FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging is a full body aluminum edging designed to a safe anti-slip surface with a high contrast for visibility. It is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where there is a high demand for safety and aesthetics. FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging can be used indoors or outside. It is strong enough industrial use and attractive enough for commercial or corporate use.


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FibreGrip Safety Traction Tape (STT) is manufactured to the highest quality using the latest production methods.  This results in consistency of quality throughout. FibreGrip STT consist of 60 grit aluminum oxide granules bonded to a PVC base with a  high tac self adhesive coating applied to it. FibreGrip STT can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti-slip surface which is ready to walk on.


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