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Non Slip Tape – Safety Traction Tape


  • Non Slip Tape Stairs
  • Helps prevent slips, falls, and accidents.
  • Improves safety and performance in work areas.
  • Ideal for areas subject to moisture.
  • Easy application, self adhesive – peel off liner and apply to surface.
  • Available rolls of 10 meter x 50mm
  • Limited stock of 18.5m x 50mm and 18.5m x 100mm available
FibreGrip non-slip safety traction tape black
FibreGrip non-slip safety traction tape chevron black and yellow
Non Slip Tape Black
Non Slip Tape Chevron


 Non Slip Tape – Safety Traction Tape are great additions to any workplace or area that needs protection against slips and skids. Non Slip Tape for tiles reduces the risk of accidents on slippery stairs, uneven or split level floor surfaces by providing a sound grip. You can use it in high traffic areas, stairs and slippery corridors to ensure proper grip and eliminate accident risks.Non slip Safety Traction Tape’s durable and tough constructed of Silicone Carbide Grit bonded with PVC film and coated with an age resistant acrylic adhesive. It helps prevent slips, falls, accidents and Improves the safety in work areas. For best results, before installing grip strips for stairs surfaces should be clean and dry. To obtain non slip floor tiles, install non slip adhesive strips for stairs and non slip tile flooring.

Product Description: Non slip tape is a simple and effective solution to prevent slipping and falling on staircases. It is made of a durable, high-traction material that provides a secure grip for your feet, even in wet or slippery conditions. The tape is easy to install and can be cut to fit any size or shape of staircase.
– High-traction material for secure grip
– Durable and long-lasting
– Easy to install
– Can be cut to fit any size or shape of staircase
– Prevents slipping and falling on staircases, reducing the risk of injury
– Provides a secure grip for your feet, even in wet or slippery conditions
– Easy to install and can be customised to fit any staircase
– Durable and long-lasting, providing ongoing protection against slips and falls.

Enhance Safety and Style with Non-Slip Floor Tiles and More

When it comes to creating a safe environment without sacrificing aesthetics, a range of non-slip floor tiles takes the lead. Whether you’re in search of the perfect non-slip shower floor tiles, need non-slip tiles for your outdoor spaces, or desire secure non-slip strips for stairs, our comprehensive range of non-slip tape has you covered.

 Non-slip tiles are thoughtfully crafted with your safety in mind. They provide a firm footing even in wet conditions, making them the ideal choice for shower floors or any outdoor area where slip-resistance is paramount. To further enhance safety, explore our selection of safety traction tape, anti-skid tape, and self-adhesive non-slip tape.

But we don’t stop at safety. We also offer a wide variety of anti skid tapes for your ceramic and porcelain tiles. These tapes for tiles are not only practical but also exude beauty, enabling you to confidently tile your stairs, floors, and more.

For added safety and visibility, consider our glow-in-the-dark tape and chevron tape. These products are designed to enhance safety in low-light conditions.

So, whether you seek porcelain tiles for sale, need to upgrade your stoep with stylish stoep tiles, install non slip black tape and non-slip yellow tape for added safety, we have the perfect solution for you. Invest in safety and style with our selection of non-slip and anti-skid tape for your ceramic tiles.