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FibreGrip anti-slip flat sheet with LumiGlo

  • Size: Up to 2450mm x 1200mm
  • Color: Black (std) - Available in any color
  • Grit: #20 (rough) or #60 (finer)
  • Resitant to most chemicals
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Exteremly Durable

FibreGrip fibreglass aka GRP (glass reinforced plastic) Flat Sheets is an excellent choice for providing a cost effective and permanent slip resistant solution for stair ramps and flat areas. FibreGrip Flat Sheets can be installed on most substrates. ie. tiles, metal, concrete or wood. FibreGrip Flat Sheets provide an extremely tough and durable product. These types of products have been used in the most testing environments and is chemically resistant to most chemicals. FibreGrip Flat Sheets can be used indoors or outdoors. FibreGrip Flat Sheets will cover ramps and flat areas making them safer whilst protecting the substrate itself to further costly damage. FibreGrip Flat Sheets provides a non-slip surface as well as better contrast in order to visually assist  when approaching .