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Q: How do I install FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging?
A: Please see the installation instructions in the Technical page

Q: Can I get me FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging cut to a specific size?
A: Davtec offers a free cutting service so you get exactly the size you need.

Q: How durable is FibreGrip Stair Nosing.Edging?
A: FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging is extremely durable and will give you
years of service. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential  to long

Q: Can FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging be used indoor and outdoor?
A: FibreGrip Stair Nosing/Edging are a perfect solution indoor and outdoor
and can be used in most environments.



Q: Are FibreGrip Non-Slip Products waterproof?
A: FibreGrip Non-Slip Products are designed and manufactured to withstand
even the most extreme weather conditions and are incredibly  durable.

Q: Are FibreGrip N0n-Slip Products corrosion and chemically resistant?
A: FibreGrip GRP products are resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

Q: Are FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products available in different colors?
A: FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products are available in any color.
It is a matter of replacing the pigment color.

Q: Is FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products non-conductive?
A: Non Conductive properties of FibreGrip GRP Non-Slip Products
make it ideally suited for use in electrically hazardous locations.